How to launch an application?

There are several ways of launching the app on the interactive floor: * With the remote control - select the app icon and confirm with the OK button on the remote control.

  • With a smartphone * - install the mobile remote control application and select the app icon on the phone screen.
    * See in Player Settings > Mobile control how to download the app to your smartphone and connect to the device.

  • With the interactive pen ** - Enable IR Pen control in Player Settings and launch applications by pressing the application icons on the floor with the interactive pen. Limit direct sunlight to the projection area as it may interfere with the use of the interface.
    ** Available for devices that ensures IR light interaction.

Finding the app you want

Apps and apps collections you will find in Player My app library. Go there and select the app icon.

Use the Filter or Searcher by entering a name to quickly find the collection or app you need.

You can launch series of apps with a Playlist. Apps will then be played automatically one after the other.

Using the pop-up menu in the app, you can simple view and change apps without closing the current app. Pop-up menu you can release via the remote control.